Worst first dates ever! 21 dating horror stories from around the world

woman avoiding being kissed

In our recent international survey, we asked more than 45,000 singles in 15 countries to share stories of the worst first dates they’d been on before joining EliteSingles.

Here’s our pick of the world’s most shocking and funniest dating horror stories!

1. Great Sexpectations…

2. Dreaming of a kiss in frozen food aisle – may lead to you being frozen out!

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3. Toying with disaster!

4. Clearly, a smart phone does not mean a smart man…

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5. Personal grooming is paramount to impressing your date!

6. Ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…

7. Fancy a home-made anti-pasti?

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8. Mummy’s boy alert!

9. Don’t be your date’s pawn…

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10. Best be prepared for all weather conditions…

11. Could there ever be a worse chat-up line?

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12. Perfect for a speedy getaway…

13. How desperate can you be?

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14. Make yourself feel at home…

15. She knows what she wants – she really sticks to her gums…

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16. Probably not the best way to Finnish an evening…

17. An un-convent-ional date

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18. From a rollercoaster of love to terror on the teacups…

19. Racing to get to your date on time?

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20. The economic crisis hit hardest in Ireland…

21. Who says guys are scared of committment?

All the names have been changed in order to protect the anonymity of the respondents.

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