Vegan dating: Find the recipe for love with us

Vegan dating: With over half a million vegans in the UK, we know how important cooking together can be for British singles.

Friends with benefits: when can casual romance lead to love?

EliteSingles spoke to Dr. Heidi Reeder & Dr. Justin Lehmiller about the pros, cons and complexities of starting a relationship from a 'friends-first' scenario...

Why does love hurt so much? It's all in your brain

What do our brains and the question "why does love hurt?" have in common? It turns out, quite a lot. Read on for the answers!

How To Find Your Soulmate

It can be tricky finding love in the modern age - but finding your 'meant-to-be' is far from impossible...

When to say I love you?

Choosing the right moment to share your love for the first time can feel risky and daunting. Here's EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine's advice on when to say 'I love you'.

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Sikh Dating: Find Your Match at EliteSingles!

If you’re looking to begin Sikh dating, whether you're a single Sikh or are looking to date one, we have every kind of single at EliteSingles!

Dating an Engineer: Try Engineer Dating with EliteSingles!

Are you looking to start dating an engineer, or are you yourself an engineer looking for love? If so, we have some rather brilliant news for you. At EliteSingles, we have an enormous membership comprised of discerning singles from all manner of backgrounds, including engineers!

The Science of Men’s Behaviour after a Break Up

While the internet is awash with break up advice for women, there’s very little information out there on how men deal with breakups. Therefore, in an effort to aid all the sobbing ex-boyfriends of the world, let’s pull on our lab coats and have a rummage around inside the average male head!