Post-Lockdown Dating: 9 UK Date Ideas Singles Are Most Excited About

There’s no denying that in the last year, the dating landscape has changed in ways we could never have imagined. For the 34.4% of the population that are single, this is challenging and a bit confusing!

How do we navigate the new world of dating? What’s acceptable, what isn’t? What can you do on a date in a post-lockdown world? Is it worth meeting up with people in the same way you did pre covid?

The Datingroo team has found out about the most romantic activities UK’s singles can’t wait to do. Let’s take a look at some of the fun stuff you can get up to on a date after lockdown.

Dating Trends During Lockdown 

If anything, the pandemic has accelerated the dating process. People don’t want to waste time on a date with someone they worry they won’t have a  connection with.

Causal dating and hookups were almost impossible at the beginning of the first lockdown, making some significant changes to the dating world.

Many people also rushed into relationships during the first and second lockdown as they didn’t want to be alone. Whether or not those relationships are still going, it’s hard to tell.

Globally there has been a huge increase in people filing for divorce. The stress of the pandemic has influenced a significant amount of break-ups.

Another Covid dating trend is the increase in people who want to have a video call before their date. As we have become accustomed to talking and connecting via video, people want to have screened the person they’re talking to on a dating app.

People want to make sure the date is worth their time; if you’re taking a risk to meet with someone you don’t know, it must be worth it. Many apps offer in-app video calling, so you can talk to your potential date without giving out your number or other personal details.

Ideas For Post-Lockdown Dating

With all this lockdown business soon behind us, summer approaching, and lots of new singles out there, it’s time to get out into the world again and start dating!

The dating world may have changed significantly in the last year, but that isn’t necessarily bad. People seem to be taking dating a little more seriously; we’re all craving some human connection after so long locked away at home.

Here are some post-lockdown date ideas that will have your date begging you for that second date!

Take a Trip To the Beach

In the UK, we’re blessed with never being more than 70 miles from the sea. A date by the seaside is romantic and a bit different if you don’t live in a coastal town.

It can be fun to explore a town neither of you knows and go for a walk by the sea. There are hundreds of beautiful beaches in the UK which many of us took for granted before lockdown.

Yes, the weather can be somewhat unpredictable, but if you can be spontaneous, you can aim for a sunny day. Just be warned, if you’re looking to swim, be prepared for those icy temperatures!

Go On a Bike Ride 

As far as social distance date ideas go, this one is high up there. A nice, easy way to be a little active, have some fun and stay at a safe distance to your date.

Cycling has increased 200% since lockdown! Trying to buy a bike during lockdown one was virtually impossible. If you don’t own your own bike, take advantage of cycle sharing schemes or borrow one from a friend.

Head to a park with cycle lanes or explore some small country streets so you don’t have the stress of cycling on a busy road.

Go For a Picnic 

Another wholesome, fun activity to do on a date is a picnic. Bring a few snacks each and a blanket to sit on. You may be fed up with the park dates, but they were during winter when the days were dark and the grass wet.

Summer is coming, and a picnic is a perfect way to celebrate that! Embrace being outdoors. Enjoy delicious snacks and let the conversation flow.

Play Tennis 

Another great way to get to know somebody while keeping an appropriate social distance is a game of tennis. You don’t need to be a pro to have fun on the court! Who knows, you may both be outstanding players and want to challenge one another.

Book a court in your local area, brush up on some techniques using YouTube videos, and you’ll be good to go.

The best tip with playing tennis is not to take it too seriously. If you’re too serious and competitive, it may put your date off. Stay light and just see it as a bit of fun.

Play Mini-golf 

Another amusing way to pass an afternoon is with mini-golf. As a fantastic outdoor activity, many new mini-golf courses have been popping up around the country.

Lots of mini-golf courses are themed and designed to be entertaining and fun. It may sound like something you did on holiday when you were a kid, but it’s still plenty of fun for grown-ups too!

Go to a Theme Park  

Another way to spend time outside while having fun is at a theme park. Test your date’s adventurous side by daring them to go on the scariest ride.

There are many theme parks across the UK, so wherever you live, there’s bound to be one near you.

Dealing with the adrenaline rush of the rides is bound to help you connect with your date.

Rock Climbing

Dating after lockdown isn’t going to be boring! Never again are we returning to grabbing a quick drink in a bar. We’re seeking thrills and adventure!

Rock climbing is a cool way to work as a team with your date, as well as try a new skill. There are plenty of climbing courses for beginners around the country.

Wild Swimming 

Another growing trend in the UK, wild swimming, is bound to get your adrenaline pumping. People swim in ponds, lakes, and rivers (the colder, the better) as it has proven health benefits.

Swimming outside is an excellent way for you to connect with nature, destress, and regulate your blood pressure. Just check that you are allowed to swim in the place you are planning to swim in before you go. Some areas aren’t safe for wild swimming due to currents or pollution.

Do a City Treasure Hunt 

Multiple companies now offer treasure hunts around your city. The scavenger hunt is usually done via text or Whatsapp. You are sent clues that you have to solve and then send the answer to get the next clue.

It’s an enjoyable way to discover your city and notice details in the buildings and streets you walk past every day. It’s also great as a way to get to know your date more deeply as you have to collaborate and work as a team to find the answers.

Choose Your Date 

Dating during coronavirus was no fun, and as we emerge out of lockdown, there are plenty of opportunities to revive that spark for life the lockdown dampened.

Choose an activity that you feel comfortable doing and that your date will also enjoy. There are so many fun ways to connect that aren’t just over dinner. A dinner setting can feel a bit forced or formal sometimes. Try to mix it up with some more quirky date ideas.

The Post-Covid World of Dating

Experts predict there will be a revolution of sorts as we start to emerge from lockdown. People want to spend money, have fun, make new connections and have lots of sex. Being locked inside for almost a year with little opportunity to meet new people in real life means there is so much excitement for our impending freedom.

Post-lockdown dating will be different from what we knew before. It will be more fun, more adventurous, and people want to really connect with one another more than ever. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a blast… have fun out there!

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