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Go Green! Eco Dating for a Better World

Eco dating is for those single professionals looking for a relationship with ethics. Finding someone who wants to live a conscious, green life with little to no impact on planet earth can be tricky. Find a match who shares your ideas, values, and goals for the future with EliteSingles today.
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Find Out About Eco Dating in the UK

So, what is eco dating? Simply put, eco means environmentally friendly. This word has become a marketing buzzword but it means that a product, service, or law causes minimal or no harm to the global environment. Eco dating means that you’re dating with the express interest of creating as little waste as possible and working towards a greener, more sustainable world. This can be expressed in any number of ways and there’s no minimum requirement to consider yourself environmentally friendly! 

Here are a few ways that singles might start thinking about becoming more eco:

  • Practising energy conservation 
  • Using renewable energy
  • Becoming a vegan or vegetarian 
  • Reducing waste 
  • Cutting out plastic
  • Recycling
  • Buying local or growing your own food

In the UK a study showed that 43.5% of the UK’s total waste was being recycled. Another study showed that while 86% of British adults are concerned about recycling and reducing plastic, only 67% claimed to have taken action to fix their actions. So, while there may be lots of UK residents who care about the environment, there are less who want to change their lifestyle to reduce waste. 

This is why eco dating in the UK can be tricky. Nobody wants to have an amazing first date with a partner only to find out that they love pollution-driving international flights. And searching for ‘hippy dating’ doesn’t have the same elegance as eco dating. Which begs the question, how do you find people? With EliteSingles you can filter your searches to only include people local to you.  You can also ensure your profile reflects your pro-green initiative so prospective dates understand your perspective. 

How Does Green Dating Work on EliteSingles?

EliteSingles is an online dating site and dating app for highly educated singles looking for a serious, long-lasting relationship. We believe that dating can have a better chance of success if partners likes, dislikes, values and goals are understood before dating happens. Which is why we employ a thorough personality test when you first register for the EliteSingles website. This way we can find exactly what you need in a relationship so it can be successful. 

You can also select your own criteria on EliteSingles, so if you’re interested in getting married, having children, dating locally and so on, you can set those parameters. Now we know all about you, it’s time for you to add a little flavour to your profile. Let our lucky singles know what interests you and how you lead a sustainable lifestyle. Make sure to make it clear on your profile that you’re interested in eco dating so you can attract some planet earth friendly singles. 

Long-Lasting Relationships with a Conscience

The world of online dating can be overwhelming, especially if you’re thinking about trying eco dating after a divorce or separation. What you need to know about EliteSingles is that we’re a dating service for professional singles looking for serious dating while maintaining a busy work-life balance

If you’re somebody who finds yourself saying to people “I just don’t have the time for online dating” then you’re in the right place. Our ethos is that we do most of the heavy lifting for you so that you can relax and enjoy flirting and meeting new people who share your green interests.

So, what are you waiting for? Thousands of singles find love through EliteSingles every month. Sign up free today and find someone to build a better world.

Further advice:

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Date with Confidence

Dating with confidence means feeling safe and secure in the dating environment you’ve chosen. We understand that online dating should feel comfortable, which is why daily profile quality checks ensure a safe dating experience with real people. We also created a guide to staying safe online filled with common sense advice for even the most novice online dater. Our amazing customer care team are also on hand to help if a user seems suspicious or for when you need help with any other aspects of your account.

Eco Dating Apps on the Go

Meeting like-minded ‘hippie’ singles on the go is easy with the EliteSingles dating app. Available for both iOS and Android, it’s the best way to maintain your busy life and mix in a little dating every now and then. Flirt, message, update your profile and snap a picture on the go and if you’d prefer to be totally mobile then you can even sign up to EliteSingles via the app.

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Local, Earth Friendly Singles

Probably one of the most important parts of online eco dating is finding someone that is local to you. A green date wouldn’t get off to a great start if you’d have to drive miles to meet! With 155,000+ new members signing up to EliteSingles every month then it’s likely you’ll be able to meet lots of people by bike, train, bus, or even just a walk away!