What not to do on a first date – The worst first date offences

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Whilst we all have our own unique list of the behaviour traits which would turn us off a potential date, some dating crimes are more common than others. If you want to secure a second date, learn what not to do on a first date from our list of the deal breakers EliteSingles members believe are the worst to commit.

Dating don’ts: top five first date no-nos

Our newest survey has revealed the most common causes of first date failure. The survey, which looked at responses from 770 UK singles, discovered which behaviour traits are the most repulsive on a date. Commit one of these deal breakers and you can say goodbye to being asked on a second date.

  1. Having bad breath or body odour

We don’t need to explain why this is major turn off! Stay away from smelly foods and make sure you’re showered and minty fresh before heading on your date.

  1. Checking your phone constantly

Put your phone away! You can check your emails, scan your Facebook feed, text your friends after the date. Your phone can wait whereas you only have a limited time to make a good impression on your date. Live in the moment and enjoy the company you’ve put the effort into meeting.

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  1. Being rude to the waiter

A sure sign that will not be invited on another date is if you rude to other people. It doesn’t matter if you are the sweetest, kindest and most generous person to your potential match, if they see you being rude to someone else, it’s game over. Thinking of wearing your favourite t-shirt with the ironic but offensive slogan? Don’t! It’s childish and tacky – even if you think it’s hilarious.

  1. Getting too drunk

One or two drinks on a first date is fine. But don’t rely on drinking alcohol to loosen up or for liquid courage. It will only end badly. Being drunk is definitely not attractive or funny. Don’t feel pressured to match your date with every drink they have, pace yourself and drink lots of water.

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  1. Pushing to have sex at the end of the date

There’s nothing wrong with having sex on a first date, as long as both of you feel comfortable and are keen. If you sense that your date might not be up for it, don’t keep trying to seduce them. It is better for your relationship in the long run to wait until you both feel happy to sleep together.

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The dating deal breakers that may be a bit more surprising…

Inviting your date for a fancy dinner

82% of our survey respondents prefer more casual dates; inviting your date out for a coffee is the much safer option than a fancy dinner. However, never suggest meeting for the first time at your family dinner, even if you think it will be a casual event! 81% of UK singles said this would be the worse first date offer.

Taking selfies

It might be wise to forget your smartphone has a camera, as mid-date selfies are also frowned upon. Indeed, hated by one-in-four British men, selfies are an even bigger first date sin than not offering to split the bill.

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Not talking enough

76% of UK singles would rather their date spoke too much on the first meeting. So those who think you need to be a good listener on a date can take a sigh of relief – chat away!

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Adding your date on Facebook

You should wait before sending that friend request: nearly 21% of UK singles would be put off of a second date with someone who immediately added them on social media.

The dating blunder that really isn’t that bad…

Being a bad kisser

A tiny 4% of UK singles consider being a bad kisser a deal-breaker, making it a far more minor offence than any of the deal-breakers above.

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Should I stay or should I go? How to get out of a bad date

Do deal-breakers matter? Considering that 70% of the UK singles surveyed would be prepared to end a date early over a deal-breaker (and that 25% have already done so), the answer is most likely yes.

However, in comparison to singles across the world, Brits are the most likely to come up with an excuse rather than be honest about why they are leaving. So, what’s the most common way to ditch a bad date? 29% of UK singles would choose to say they had an early morning meeting.

EliteSingles psychologist, Salama Marine, has these words of wisdom for anyone needing to leave a date early:

“you shouldn’t have to stay on an awkward date for hours with a stranger if you don’t want to. But it is important to choose your words carefully; you need to show your date that you do respect them and consider them an equal, despite not feeling romantically attracted to them. There’s no need to be unnecessarily hurtful or mean; you simply need to explain that you cannot picture yourself romantically with them and that you feel your personalities aren’t matched.’’

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EliteSingles Deal Breakers survey May 2016

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