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Romantic meals: Cooking with love in four steps

We’ve all heard that the way to your beloved’s heart is through their stomach. EliteSingles asked British TV chef Dean Edwards for his advice on how to impress your date with a romantic meal cooked entirely by you.


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Step one: Make sure you are prepared

If this is your first time cooking for a new partner, you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed. Dean acknowledges that cooking for a new love is, “always going to be a little scary especially when there is a level of expectation.” In order to keep your cool in the kitchen, Dean advises to ask beforehand whether your date has any likes or dislikes. He says, “There’s no point in making the effort to knock up a beautiful crab linguine then find on the night they have a shellfish allergy.”

If you want to remain stress-free and enjoy your evening, Dean suggests that you, “Plan your menu in advance and prepare as much as you can beforehand.” Although, he thinks that cooking for your partner can be spontaneous, he advises that if you really want to impress, don’t try to wing it. He says that, “it won’t be very romantic if you are in the kitchen all evening, which could end in you neglecting your guest.”

The planning and preparation doesn’t need to be complicated, but you can take a lot of pressure off by taking a little time to make lists for both food shopping and what you need to do in the kitchen.

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Step Two: Food for thought

So, what are you going to cook? There are some foods that Dean thinks are stereotypically romantic; the usual suspects, asparagus, oysters etc. He advises not to turn your nose up at a culinary cliché, he says, “let’s be honest chocolate is an absolute winner for me. So, time should be taken to knock up an indulgent dessert like a rich chocolate torte or if you fancy yourself as a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen a chocolate fondant.”

If you’re struggling to think of recipe ideas, Dean has shared with EliteSingles his dream menu for a romantic meal. Keeping in mind the need to be well prepared, he would start with his “gazpacho, made ahead of time and chilled until needed.” Then he would make “a chicken stew, again made ahead of time and reheated when needed, served with some rosemary sauté potatoes.” Lastly, and non-surprisingly, given his thoughts on chocolate, he would whip up some light and fluffy pancakes with seasonal fruit and a dark chocolate drizzle which cook in minutes.”

These recipes allow for less time spent on the night in the kitchen, which means you’ll have more time to spend enjoying your evening with your partner.

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Step three: Set the mood

If you want to make the night truly romantic, don’t only focus on the making food perfect. Dean believes that, “the food will speak for itself, no pressure to cook something spectacular just make sure it tastes great.”

He thinks that is in important to “try to create a comfortable ambiance.” So, think of what music you like to play, what wine will go with the food and get the conversation flowing.

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Step Four: Take the time to enjoy your meal together

It can often be difficult to find the time to enjoy a romantic meal with your loved one, so when you do sit down to eat together, Dean advises that, “to keep your phones in your pocket and enjoy each other’s company.” He believes that sharing a romantic meal with your partner, “is a chance to chat, engage and interact away from the stresses of the day. We should definitely be making more of an effort to make this time a focal point of the day.”

Cooking a romantic meal is a way you can show that you truly care about your partner. If you’re in the stage of your relationship where you want to share your love of food, follow these steps and you’ll surely impress your beloved with many more romantic meals in the future.

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About Dean Edwards:

Dean Edwards is the resident chef on ITV’s Lorraine and his new cookbook Feelgood Family Food is out now. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.