Considering a TV date night? How your taste in TV shows affects your attractiveness

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Many British daters have become accustomed to the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ and the popularity of a TV date night is certainly on the increase. Our latest survey of 850 Bristish singles revealed that your taste in TV clearly matters and here’s what’s hot and what’s not (according to them!)

The One to Watch

So which shows make you more attractive? Opinions are divided, but Sherlock took the top spot, with 23% agreeing it’s the one to watch. Die hard comedy fans have no fear! The Big Bang Theory came in as the second most attractive show to be a fan of (22%). And it may not be the most traditionally romantic television show, but Game of Thrones was named the third most attractive show (20%).

However, there’s bad news for fans of Eastenders with 54% of survey participants indicating that it is the least attractive show to like. This was closely followed by Coronation Street with 49% of respondents concluding that watching this soap is unattractive. Other TV turnoffs include loving Doctor Who (a no-no for 22% of singles).

TV date: Yay or Nay?

So for those who enjoy cuddling on the couch on date night, what do other Brits think? When asked if watching a TV series at home was a good idea for a date, 56% of men thought it was, compared to just 38% of women. As well as gender, age certainly seems to play a part on opinions on TV dates. A massive 71% of 18-29 year olds think watching a TV series at home is a great date idea. 67% also think that it’s a suitable topic of conversation on a first date and a whopping 82% think having the same taste in TV shows makes you more attractive!

On the flipside, a staggering 61% of 50-75 year olds would rather not watch TV on a date. 42% in this age bracket also believe that taste in TV shows is irrelevant to finding a partner. Evidently, preference in TV shows is much more important to younger generations than older ones.

Netflix and Chill: The Celebrity Edition

For many, it’s less about the TV show picked on date night but rather who they’re sharing it with. Indeed, we asked British singles who they’d most like to cuddle on the couch with to their favourite show and men revealed their pick is Billie Piper (newly single and the sexy immortal Lily in Penny Dreadful). On the other hand, women chose Poldark’s Aidan Turner as TVs hottest hunk.

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