Stiff upper lip? New global study confirms Brits are reserved in love.

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A new survey of 12,654 members of global dating site EliteSingles has revealed the cultural differences in how often people around the world express being in love.

  • British people need to hear ‘I love you’ less than other English-speaking nationalities (USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland)
  • Americans are the most outspoken when in love, 73% expect their partner to say ‘I love you’ everyday.
  • The Dutch are the most reserved, only 10% want to hear ‘I love you’ everyday.

The British Reserve

In comparison to our fellows across the pond, British people are much more reserved than Americans when expressing feelings of being in love. Only 23% of Brits want to hear ‘I love you’ everyday compared with 73% of Americans! An indication perhaps that our stiff upper lip is still intact!

In fact, British people need to hear ‘I love you’ less than all of the other English-speaking nationalities surveyed. (Canada 66%, Australia 58%, New Zealand 56%, Ireland 24%)

Which European country is the most outspoken in love?

Rather unsurprisingly the French are the least reserved country in Europe when it comes to expressing their love. 46% of French people want their partners to tell them ‘I love you’ at least once a day. The Dutch are the most modest in love, only a meagre 10% want to hear ‘I love you’ everyday!

Actions speak louder than words

Despite the British reservation to express being in love through words, people in the UK would rather make a romantic gesture. 51% of Brits expect to be given flowers this Valentine’s Day! However in the Netherlands, despite being famous for flowers, only 22% of the Dutch expect to be given any. The Spanish, on the other hand, were the only country in Europe who prefers to hear ‘I love you’ everyday (35%) than to receive flowers (28%).

“Saying ‘I love you’ everyday can seem a bit excessive.”

EliteSingles’ psychologist Salama Marine offers her advice on when it is best use these three romantic words.

“Saying ‘I love you’ is more efficient than any other phrase to show attachment and commitment. But saying it everyday can seem a bit excessive. The heavy meaning of the three words may be lost over time, that’s why it is best to be reasonable and save it for special moments.”

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