Brighton singles revealed as UK’s most horny!

UK horniest singles infographic

A new study of 100,000 Brits has revealed that, out of the whole country, it is Brighton’s singles who are the most eager for sex.

The study, which was carried out by EliteSingles, looked at anonymous user data in response to the statement; ‘I have a strong desire for sex’, to see how much UK singles value time spent between the sheets.

Perhaps it’s just all that sea air that’s making Brighton’s singles feel lustful in The Lanes, for they have taken the ultimate honours as the having Britain’s highest libidos.

Honourable mention also went to singles from Edinburgh, whose eagerness for sex put them at second place and to those horny singles in London, who took third.


Where are the UK’s horniest singles?

1. Brighton

2. Edinburgh

3. London

4. Bournemouth

5. Bristol

6. Colchester

7. Cambridge

8. Norwich

9. Swindon

10. Newcastle upon Tyne

Of course we can’t all be winners, the survey also revealed the 5 UK towns with the lowest libidos…

1. Stoke-on-Trent

2. Wolverhampton

3. Preston

4. Birmingham

5. Liverpool

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