The ex-files: 40% of women believe their ex is still in love with them!

The latest survey by EliteSingles has exposed some surprising truths about women’s relationships with their ex-partner.

Our most shocking finding was that 40% of women believe that their ex is still in love with them! Of the 800 online daters polled, results also found that;

  • 33% of women believe that their new partner is still in love with their ex
  • 30% of women compare their sex life to experiences shared with an ex
  • 21% of women use Facebook to check on ex partners

Attack of the green-eyed monster

There’s nothing like an ex-wife or girlfriend lurking in the background to potentially cast a shadow of doubt over a promising new relationship. Our survey revealed that a third of women believe that their new partner is still in love with their ex! Many women feel threatened by their partner’s past with someone else, with 21% confessing they would feel jealous if their partner still had contact with their ex.

As it turns out women have reason to be suspicious, there is cause for concern with 21% of men confessing to still having romantic feelings for their ex.

Women are more nostalgic than men about sex with an ex

Many women are looking back on their past relationships and reminiscing over fun times spent between the sheets. In our survey, 30% of women confessed that they compare their current sex life to past sexual experiences. Whilst only 21% of men compare their sex life to experiences shared with an ex.

Social network stalking

Women are also more likely to stalk their ex on Facebook with 21% claiming to regularly check their ex partners social networking pages, compared to 11% of men.

How can you get over your ex?

We asked EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine for her advice on how to get over your ex:

“Go out, meet your friends! Going out and having fun will build your confidence and allow you to see that you are pleasing and interesting to others. You may even meet someone new who interests you! If you don’t feel ready to meet new people offline, you could join a dating site, where at first, you will be introduced only online to men or women. This could be a good way to start believing in the possibility that there could be new romantic story in your life.

We cannot estimate how long it will take to fully get over your ex as it is different for everyone, but by giving yourself the tools to meet new people, you will finally meet the person you truly deserve.”

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