Congratulations to EliteSingles Success Couple Nicki & Tom!

Nicki and Tom were married in January 2020 after finding each other on EliteSingles. Nicki shared their wonderful story with us;


What can you tell us about the wedding?

“What can I tell you other than I married the love of my life. In a castle. Under the winter stars. The feeling of finding the one you love and having them promise to love you back the same was phenomenal – The whole left wing could have caught fire during the ceremony and I wouldn’t have noticed!”


How did it all start? What was your first date like?

“I messaged him first! Quite light heartedly actually as he looked like a bit of a showboat in his pictures and truth be told I was intending on taking the mick a bit. As it turned out he was actually the nicest man I’d ever met. He told me he hadn’t messaged me because he thought he wouldn’t have a chance… We started talking and there were no chat-up lines for a change. No smarmy comments. He actually was interested in who I was. What I do. He asked questions and wanted to get to know me. Plus he corrected his grammar when he sent a message incorrectly so right there I knew he was the one 😂”


What do you like the most about your partner?

“He’s a gentleman. I real kind hearted man who cares and just wants to make you happy.”



What advice would you give to other EliteSingles members still looking for love?

“Message him first! And don’t judge anyone by their photos. Tom looked like he was going to be a jerk. And well, I married him. So turns out he was actually pretty damn perfect. 😊”

Congratulations again to you both! We are delighted we were able to help you find each other, and we wish you all the best for your future together.


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