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One of the best parts of working in online dating is hearing the success stories! When people reach out and tell us their own, unique love stories, it always sets the heart racing. Real people finding lasting love is the ultimate goal of bringing together like-minded singles, and one of our favourite stories is Honor and Edward from Birmingham…

Honor wrote in to tell us how they found each other with EliteSingles. As members, Honor and Edward met on EliteSingles. They took their time before meeting. Honor told us, “after talking for a few weeks online we decided to meet for our first date!”. Almost instantly they felt the connection. She explains, “he was a true gentleman and we hit it off straight away”. There are few things as charming as a gentleman sweeping you off your feet!

The story in their own words

From there, they progressed quickly, their relationship growing more and more daily. “We had a fabulous first date and saw each other several times after that…our relationship blossomed every day”, Honor goes on to say. The connection developed, it got more serious, and today they’re officially dating. Everyone has a different timeline for their relationships, for Honor and Edward, it only took them about a month to know. In Honor’s own words, “after about a month of dating, we became official and it’s been wonderful!”.

Online dating can seem like a whole new world, and like any new dating experience, a little daunting at first. But the proof is in the pudding. And from the thousands of happy couples, EliteSingles’ unique matchmaking formula is the secret to our success. And as is true of any new experience, you often get out what you are willing to put in. Honor had a similar experience, also feeling a little apprehensive starting out. She says, “I was a bit skeptical of online dating at first, but when you put the effort in and try it really does pay off”. When it comes to dating, having a positive and open approach is often the first step to finding a happy relationship.

As online dating increasingly becomes the norm, and has been embraced by modern culture, a great starting point is to find the right dating site for you. Members of EliteSingles are serious about finding real relationships, generally highly educated and successful. They know what they want in life and in love. As Honor told us, “after my experience meeting my partner I would definitely recommend online dating for friends and family!”. Congratulations Honor and Edward – you are a beautiful couple!

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