Guest Post: 5 Tips for Putting Together A Fabulous Date Night Outfit

Dating and style expert Kimberly Seltzer

Every month, EliteSingles is proud to bring you exclusive, insightful guest posts from our favourite dating experts. Sometimes witty, sometimes opinionated, and always heartfelt, these posts can help you find a fresh perspective on dating, love, and romance. This month: makeover expert Kimberly Seltzer gives her top five tips for finding the perfect date night outfit.

5 Tips for Putting Together A Fabulous Date Night Outfit

Do you hate getting ready to go on a date because picking out an outfit seems daunting? Or do you not even focus on what you are wearing on dates and rush to meet someone right after work? In either case, it’s so important to pay attention to what you put on so you look and feel your best on a date.

According to several studies, it only takes 30 seconds to make a first impression and people are judging you based on your attitude and clothes you wear. More importantly, when you feel good in your skin, your date will notice and be attracted to that sexy confidence. To get started, keep the following tips in mind the next time you’re picking out your date night outfits to keep them coming back for more.

Tip #1: Know your body type and build a wardrobe of clothes that make you feel amazing.

First off it’s super important to know your body type. Both men and women have different body shapes so when you know what cut flatters your figure, you will feel confident in your clothes. Most of the time, wardrobe frustration and malfunction are related to not knowing your body and what looks good on it! To learn what your body type is, download my free Body Shape Guide for Women and Man’s Fashion Manifesto, to help you determine what body type you have, what clothes flatter your figure and specific fashion tips for you.

Tip #2: Assess the clothes you already have.

Your first step is to familiarize yourself with what you already have in your closet. For starters, go through your items and toss anything you haven’t worn in two years. Then, organize what’s left according to your lifestyle. For example, put your workout clothes in one area, career clothes in another, and date-night clothes in another. By organizing your clothes in this way, you can always see what you already own, and what you need to buy.

Then try on your clothes and do a self-assessment based on knowing your body. Look in the mirror and figure out what you like about each piece. Do you like the way it hugs your curves? Is the colour super flattering? What about this item is working for you? Write these notes down because these are the characteristics you’ll be looking for if you need to take a shopping trip for your date wear.

Tip #3: Always know where you’re going.

Always know exactly where you’re going so you can select the perfectly appropriate date night outfit. For example, if your guy invites you on an evening hike, aim to look great while still being appropriately dressed. In this scenario, I recommend picking up a pair of black yoga pants that fit nicely and a top in a fun colour. That way you’re dressed appropriately AND you still look hot. Or, if he makes reservations at a brand new restaurant you’ve never been to, call ahead and inquire about the dress code and have your little black dress ready.

Tip #4: Put intention into dating wear and plan out your outfits.

Dressing up for your partner is super important when it comes to feeling confident and capturing their attention so take the time to plan out your outfits. Clothes often act as a costume so when you change your look, so does your attitude. Your dating wear should be different than your corporate wear so take the time to plan an outfit that creates a different energy and look.

If you are a woman, think about throwing on a dress or a flirty top, and a pair of heels. If you are a man, think about a nice button down shirt, fitted dark jeans and Chelsea boots. By focusing on your dating wear, you’ll exude a fun and flirty attitude which your date will love.

Tip #5: Bring your sex appeal no matter where you are!

Whether you’re going dressy, casual, or middle of the road, bring your sex appeal wherever you go! Even if you’re just going to the movies and you don’t want to wear heels, wear a top that reveals a little “something”, or pull on a pair of form-fitting jeans. Highlight your favourite areas of your body and wear clothes that make you feel sexy.

Ladies, make sure you have a closet full of man-friendly pieces for date night! For starters, men love soft fabrics, flirty tops, skinny jeans, dresses, and heels. Gents, add a little bit of alpha sex appeal with a leather jacket and a nice watch. Make sure you own all of these items so getting ready for your next big date will be a breeze.

A final note…

When you’re getting ready to go out make sure your clothes match your intentions. If your intention is to attract a great partner, dress like you mean it and use these tips to put together a stylish date night outfit that no one can resist.

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