Esther Moriarty, 18.01.2017

10 Winter date ideas: banish those cold weather blues!

There’s no getting around it: this winter has been somewhat dire. However, a little cold weather never got in the way of hot romance. Here's our pick of the best winter date ideas to heat things up in your relationship. While the weather outside might be looking frightful, dating can still be quite delightful (especially when you have love to keep you warm!).

Indeed with a little forward planning, there’s no need for hibernation, even during the chilliest winter. Armed with these romantic winter date ideas (and with a little help from EliteSingles), you will soon find that this can be the perfect time of year to find love.

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  • Coffee Date

    When asked about their ideal first date, our members were overwhelmingly in favour of grabbing a coffee together. In a 2013 members’ survey, 55% of respondents picked coffee as their number one date choice –and, truly, it is easy to see why. When it’s raining outside and the chill feels like it might soak down to your bones, what could be more appealing than a warm cafe, full of convivial conversation? Meeting your date for coffee guarantees a certain level of cosiness; a state that has been shown to create feelings of happiness (and even mild arousal). Really, you couldn’t ask for better!   

  • Winter Walk

    While grand soft days are set to be few and far between this winter, when the rain does let up it can be a great idea to leave the cafe and head outside for a walk – you’ll soon find that enjoyable date ideas in the great outdoors are not just a summer experience!  In fact, many of the UK's most breathtaking sights are at their dramatic best when framed by stark winter skies and tendrils of shifting fog. From the endless coastlines of Wales and Scotland to the centre of London, to the picturesque Edinburgh and the spires of Oxford and Cambridge, there are plenty of options for mixing fresh air and happiness-boosting endorphins4 with spectacular, scenic winter romance.  

  • Baking Together

    If you'd rather stay toasty warm, spend the day baking at home with your date. You can make all your favourite tasty treats together. Each pick a new recipe you'd like to try, or choose traditional family recipe, and have a wonderful time baking and talking, then dig in!


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  • Relax at the Spa

    Spa days are not just for the ladies! Beat the winter chill together by relaxing and romancing at a spa. Heat things up between you by booking a couple's massage. It's time to get steamy in the steam room!

  • Ice Skating

    This one is a classic winter date idea: gliding over an ice rink together holding hands. There are many indoor and outdoor ice skating venues all over the UK. So strap on those skates and be there for your date to catch them when they fall!


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  • See a show

    Book tickets to go to the theatre, opera or ballet performance and dress up in your finest. Seeing each other in something other than your comfy winter jumpers will give you a whole new outlook on each other.


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  • Arts and crafts

    Get creative juices flowing by making an artwork together. You could paint portraits of each other or of one of your favourite places. You could both attend a pottery or sculpture class. If you're feeling brave you could make life drawings of each other, like Jack and Rose in the Titantic.

  • Movie Marathon

    Here's a winter date idea, you won't even need to get out of bed for. Have a movie marathon from the comfort of your own home. Decide together on the theme and then it's just a matter of getting snuggled up beneath lots of blankets.


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  • Game Night

    A little competition can be sexy. Challenge each other to a game of your choice and make a night of it by playing both of your favourite games. Chess, Monopoly, poker? There are easy ways to transform your favourite games into two-player date nights you won’t forget! Introduce rewards and penalties and you’ve got the perfect plan for a playful indoor winter date!

  • Romantic weekend getaway

    Although perhaps not the best idea for the first date, a mini break is wonderful idea for those wanting to take their relationship up a level and this is a great time of year to take one. Indeed, many of the UK’s most popular tourist spots are much less crowded in the winter, giving you and your squeeze ample time to be alone together.


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From exhilarating, mood-boosting, outdoor adventures to indoor meetings that can create no end of cosiness, the British winter is full of romantic winter date ideas. It is simply a matter of getting out there and finding them.

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