Sports: A real boost for the ego and libido!

With the major sporting events of summer 2016 fast approaching, EliteSingles ran a study of the effects of sport on 70,000 British singles. It turns out exercising is a serious boost for the ego and the libido! The survey also revealed that simply watching sport events on TV can also have a noticeable impact on self confidence.

The facts:

Exercise boosts British singles’ libidos and increases desire for an attractive partner.
Watching sports on TV improves self-esteem and self-confidence.
• A supplementary EliteSingles study also revealed the hottest current and past sporting champions.

Doing sports boosts your libido ... and your desire for a physically attractive partner!

People who frequently exercise have a much higher sexual appetite than those who don’t! A massive 78% of singles who do sports regularly claim to have ‘a strong desire for sex’ compared to just 53% who don’t exercise.

Additionally, the more people are exercising, the more physical attraction is an important factor in their search for a spouse. In fact, 74% of sporty singles admit physical appearance is an important quality in a partner, while only 48% of singles not exercising deem it significant.

Watching sport on TV is enough to feel sexy

It would also appear that the simple act of watching sport on TV has a positive impact on the mind, particularly self-confidence! For singles who watch sports regularly, a huge 83% consider themselves ‘confident’ and 66% would call themselves ‘sexy’.

Evidently, exercising and following sporting events appear to be the winning combination to ensure a fun summer between the sheets ...!

Laurence Halsted and Jenna Randall: Winning gold for most attractive athletes

In another survey conducted by EliteSingles, Laurence Halsted (Fencing) and Jenna Randall (Synchronised Swiiming) start the summer with an early victory by winning the gold medal for the Britain’s most attractive athletes. Laurence Halsted claimed 44% of the votes and Jenna Randall 24%.

Coming in 2nd and 3rd place, are male athletes Tom Daley (Diving) with 14% of votes and Luke Patience (Sailing) with 13%. While the female silver and bronze medalists for attractiveness are Laura Robson (Tennis) with 23% and Kerri Anne Payne (Swimming) with 18%.

When looking at athletic champions of the past, Ben Ainslie (Sailing) takes the most attractive male title with a whopping 54% of the votes, whilst Victoria Pendleton (Cycling) received 48% of the vote winning gold for most attractive female.

What is the sexiest sport?

British singles also elected the sports they found the most and the less attractive:

TOP - the sexiest sports:
1. Tennis (17%)
2. Beach Volleyball (11%)
3. Gymnastics (10%)

FLOP - the least sexy sports:
1.    Boxing (21%)
2.    Weightlifting (10%)
3.    Shot Put (8%)

Tennis is certainly a popular favorite amongst survey respondents – perhaps it’s the tennis whites that the athletes wear making this sport so appealing to watch...