Romantic gestures; the do’s and don’ts

Whoever said romance is dead obviously had a bee in their bonnet, or a broken heart. Whilst it’s true that some romantic gestures can be sickeningly over-the-top or horribly misguided (or both), that doesn’t mean we should all stop trying to woo our nearest and dearest.

Although one person’s romance can be another’s poison, we thought it a good idea to put together a little list of do’s and don’ts to provide you with some inspiration. Our suggestions are by no means gospel but we’re confident that there’ll be something to melt the hardest of souls!

Romantic gestures; the do’s…

Surprise, surprise!

Without doubt, the most important part of a romantic gesture is that it comes out of the blue. There’s nothing more unappealing than monotony, and showing a little spontaneity can warm your partners heart. And it really doesn’t have to be an extravagant melange of roses, champagne and fireworks. Unexpected things such as leaving a couple of cinema tickets and a bag of popcorn on your partners bed aren’t overly gushy nor hard to fix up, yet they show you’re still think about them romantically. Just make sure you’re dating someone who appreciates making last minute plans!

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Simple pleasures

More often than not it’s the most straightforward of gestures that make your partner swoon. If the one you love has a hectic schedule, something as simple as cooking their favourite meal or running them a bath demonstrate thoughtfulness. If you’re both workaholics, suggesting a lunch break liaison can go a long way too. Taking an interest in things that are dear to your partner counts for a lot, and although making the effort to visit their family together is perhaps not the most romantic outing, it’s a great way to show you’re committed to them.

It’s for them

If you’re struggling to tap into your romantic streak then this is a point worth remembering; romantic gestures are all about being selfless. Put your own thoughts on hold for a moment and try and get yourself in your lover’s shoes (for this it’s a good idea to be able to speak your partner’s love language). What do they enjoy? Is he into his rugby? If so, get a couple of seats to the next match (what’s more, rugger fans make desirable dates!). Does she adore the great outdoors? Yes? Then why not plan an impromptu weekend getaway in the countryside!

…and the don’ts!

Naff flowers…

Backing up a loving gesture with some lovely flowers is a definite ‘do’. However, if you procure them from a supermarket or petrol station then you’re shooting wide of the mark. Few gifts are more gendered than that of the floral variety, and if you’re going to give the woman you admire a bunch, be sure to suss out her favourite sort (also, a handpicked bouquet is a much more unique). A note to ladies too, whilst men might not be into flowers, many certainly dig plants. Go get horticultural!

Love isn’t like a box of chocolates

Akin to the flower cliché, the chocolate routine is a bit of a romantic faux pas; nothing comes across more 7-Eleven than a dusty box of Guylian (in our recent survey of 727 Australians, only 9% said chocolate was their ideal Valentine’s present!). If your beloved is partial to a sweet treat, then by all means take this suggestion with a pinch of salt. It’s when you’re buying chocolates for chocolates sake you need to take heed. Not so run-of-the-mill alternatives include baklava or macarons. If you’re feeling adventurous, then why not become novice chocolatiers for the day and take a chocolate-making course together!

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There are 364 other days in the year…

Last but not least… Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to express how you feel about the person in your life (you can read our top tips here). Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that romantic gestures ought not to be dictated by the calendar. Obviously, if you wait all year for one day to flaunt your inner Casanova then you’re doing something tragically wrong. Let the fancy take you, regardless of whether it’s a Monday morning or a Saturday afternoon!

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