Time to tie the knot? Here’s where the UK’s most marriage-minded people live!

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When looking for a love that leads to marriage, it pays to date people who share the same desire to walk down the aisle as you. But that begs the question; where do you find them? Our latest survey of 61,000 UK singles set out to answer just that, and in the process unearthed the top 20 places that’re home to the UK’s most marriage-minded people. Say “yes” and check out the results below!

Our methodology; what is ‘marriage-minded’?

Our main objective was to pinpoint exactly where the UK’s most marriage-minded people reside. In order to do just that, we needed to decide what exactly counts as a “marriage-minded single”. To keep things straightforward, we examined anonymous data from 61,000 Brits registered with EliteSingles, exploring how our members agreed with the statement “marriage is important to me and should be important to my partner”. The more strongly the user agreed with the statement, the more marriage-minded they were weighted.

After collecting the responses, we were able to average out the data geographically. This then allowed us to determine the 20 most marriage-minded places in the UK. From bustling cities to smaller towns, our study has revealed the country’s matrimonial hotspots. Basically, if you’re looking for a partner who’s eager to hear the jubilant sound of wedding bells, you could do worse than starting your search in one of these destinations!

Britain’s marriage-minded hotspots; the results

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. If we could get an e-drumroll we’d ask for one! Check out the interactive map below, and an in-depth write up on the results underneath…

  1. Slough
  2. London
  3. Watford
  4. Birmingham
  5. Guildford
  6. Craigavon
  7. Salford
  8. Reading
  9. Luton
  10. Manchester
  11. Bracknell
  12. Oxford
  13. West Bromwich
  14. Crawley
  15. Dudley
  16. Aberdeen
  17. Hamilton
  18. Milton Keynes
  19. Cheltenham
  20. Chelmsford

Super Slough beats London to take top spot

In Blighty, we love dishing out abuse to towns and cities, particularly the ones we’re not from. And when it comes to a town that’s had to deal with a fair amount of stick, few have received a greater share of slander than Slough. Whether it’s the curious name, the damage inflicted by David Brent’s cringeworthy legacy, or it’s love-it-hate-it bus garage, Slough’s had a rough time.

But it looks like the Berkshire town might have the last laugh. That’s right, Slough convincingly tops the chart as home to the country’s most marriage-minded singles. Interestingly, this may be connected to the results of a 2017 survey by Glassdoor, which revealed Slough as the country’s best town to live in. With average salaries way above the national average, it’s certainly a decent place if you’re looking to the long term. Suddenly, boasting Europe’s biggest trading estate doesn’t sound so hilarious after all…

It’s perhaps no big surprise to see the Big Smoke clinch second spot. Home to over 8 million Londoners, it’s without doubt one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the UK. And with so many people in the capital, from a myriad of backgrounds, it makes sense that there’s a lot of folk out to tie the knot. With so many singles exploring the London dating scene, there’s plenty of opportunity for matrimonial bliss.

Claiming the last spot on the marriage-minded podium is wonderful Watford. The Hertfordshire town almost usurped London to second spot, but will have to make do with coming in third place. Similar to Slough, Watford is a town full of opportunities and abundant amenities, making it a spot that’s potentially ideal for settling down.

Taking a peak at the rest of the results, it’s encouraging to see that there’s a decent spread of marriage-minded people scattered across the land. Yes, the South East is very well represented, but seeing towns like Northern Ireland’s Craigavon (6th) and Lanarkshire’s Hamilton feature in the top 20 just goes to show you that marriage is on the mind far and wide.

So there you have it; if you’re eager to walk down the aisle and get wedded to someone special, you know exactly where to take your search. If you’ve got any comments, or feel that your hometown should’ve been included in our list, reach out to us at [email protected].

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