How to be attractive: 5 Profile Photo Tips for Men

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It’s no secret that the Brad Pitts of the world have it much easier in life than us “regular looking guys.” But that doesn’t mean we can’t compete with these men online. We just need to find a different approach that doesn’t involve perfect looks. And once that approach is found, not only can we compete with them, but we can even gain an advantage on them if we are well-rounded enough.

Its all about learning how to build attraction without placing all the emphasis on your looks. Luckily for all you men out there, women are not nearly as visual as men are when it comes to how they experience attraction. There are a whole variety of other qualities that women respond to that have absolutely nothing to do with your looks. So let’s take a look at 5 ways you can build attraction in your photo gallery, regardless of the looks you were born with.

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1. Show a sense of adventure.

Many women fear that the man they wind up with will eventually settle into little more than a couch potato who only removes himself from the couch when that potato chip bag starts running low again. Ease this fear by showing you are a man of adventure who is all about staying active and having new experiences. The best photos for this include vacation pictures, large events, and adrenaline oriented activities. A couple of these types of pictures can go a very long way.

2. Show confidence.

Emails and dates are not the only places that your confidence is revealed. Taking various selfies, trying too hard to create the perfect picture, or just looking uncomfortable in general will reveal poor self-confidence – not ideal when you’re trying to meet women!.

All of your pictures should have a relaxed, easy-going, and fun-loving feel to them. Confidence is one of the most important tools for attracting a woman both online, and in the “real world,” so make sure yours is apparent.

3. Demonstrate social value

Social value communicates that you are valuable to society in one way or another. Whether you are posting pictures with friends, spending time with family, or volunteering at a shelter, showing value to society is a very attractive quality that women naturally respond to.

4. Tell the right story.

Everybody has a story, what’s yours? This needs to be communicated through the various photos you post. Each picture you post will send dozens of indirect messages. The question is, are you going to tell the story of a man who poses shirtless in six different mirrors, or are you going to tell the story of a fun, adventurous, and interesting man that women would love to date?

5. Reveal your sense of humor.

Humor is often the number one quality women look for in a man. A picture that makes a woman laugh will not only go a long way towards building attraction, but it will make for a great conversation starter if she wants to message you, and will also ease her fear that you won’t be a fun date. It’s an all around win. At the end of the day, regardless of how good looking another man is, no woman wants to be with a snoozer.

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