Love conquers all – even the English Channel

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Anyone who has seen the film ‘Love Actually’ knows that every great love story has an airport scene. This story certainly has a few of those.

Hard-working Birmingham resident, Renee, 45, was at a time in her life where she felt ready to meet someone special. She turned to EliteSingles to help in the search for an equally intelligent, industrious and compatible partner. When small business owner, Michael, sent her a message, she was intrigued by his profile and quickly sent him a reply. But it wasn’t long before a location search burst her bubble: he lived in Jersey.

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I was never going to embark on a long-distance relationship, so I wrote an email back saying it’s a shame you live where you live and wished him well on his search’. But Michael, who had joined EliteSingles four weeks prior, had other ideas. He was serious about his search for a partner and Renee’s profile and pictures had sparked something special – she was stunning and seemed bubbly, genuine and grounded. He insisted that a one hour flight was no obstacle. Surprised at his determination and optimism, they traded numbers and chatted over the phone well into the early hours of the morning. Renee recalls that she ‘loved the sound of his voice’. And Michael felt the same about hers. As he hung up the phone, rationality was hurled out the window and good old gut-feeling took over the control panel – Michael booked a flight to Birmingham, later delivering the news to a delighted Renee.

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Just a few days later, Renee found herself at the airport, in a carefully selected outfit, awaiting a man she’d never met. A flood of nameless faces exited the terminal. And then came one that she did recognise. ‘His smile was gorgeous, we absolutely hit it off from the start’, Renee explains, ‘there were no uncomfortable silences or awkwardness. Everything he portrayed in his profile was exactly as he was… I knew immediately that it was meant to be.’ Scottish-born Michael had a similar feeling, which began even before they met, ‘we have a lot in common, even by telephone I could tell she was everything I’d been looking for. Walking through the doors of the airport to see her standing there … it was overwhelming… I just knew I wanted to be with her’.

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Airport greetings have become a regular occurrence for Michael and Renee. They fly to each other on the weekend and Skype every evening during the week. ‘He’s so funny, he always makes me laugh. He’s the most joyous person I’ve ever met, his outer beauty matches his inner beauty’, Renee gushes. Just six weeks after making contact on EliteSingles, it’s a done deal: they’ve even discussed marriage. Renee speaks with conviction and certainty when she says ‘anyone reading this will think we’re mad… but I’ve lived a life and I am absolutely certain he is the one.’ Michael shares her sincerity and the enthusiasm in his voice is palpable, ‘It’s just so amazing to meet someone who you feel is your soul mate… we’re just so elated.’

While airport scenes certainly tick the box for Hollywood romance, a more sustainable set-up is in the works – Renee will eventually move to Jersey to be with Michael.

So it’s true; Love, actually, does conquer all.

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