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There are few other activities that are as visually engaging as online dating, which is precisely why selecting the right snaps for your dating profile is such an important enterprise. Often when you catch a glimpse of someone’s profile picture, it can be a decisive factor in whether you want to contact them or not. With our photo comment feature, it couldn’t be simpler to tell a potential partner that they’ve captured your eye!

Tell someone they’re picture perfect with a photo comment!

After you’ve completed our extensive personality test and put together your very own dating profile, our intelligent matchmaking system will start pairing your with 3-7 high-quality partner suggestions each day. Once you’re fully underway with EliteSingles, one of the first things you’ll notice are the photos the people you’re matching with have uploaded onto their profiles. Indeed, this is a vital part of online dating as it helps you gauge whether you might be attracted to someone!

We’ve made it really easy to leave a small message underneath other premium member’s profile photos so you can let them know you like what you’re seeing. We think that it’s a really useful tool in that it enables you to write something short and succinct; a great conversations starter if you’re not quite ready to pen a lengthier message. However, if you’re ready to delve into deeper dialogue, we’ve put together some expert advice on how to write a first message!

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How it works

If you want to comment on somebody’s photograph, follow these steps. Firstly, select the photo you like. Then, all you have to do is click on the ‘comment’ button and a small text box should appear. Think of your most witty remark or question and get typing! Once you’ve posted your comment, you and your match will be informed on the platform and via email. They’ll also be able to view your message at any time they wish.

Because we take your privacy and safety seriously, we’ve set this function so that all comments are only visible to both sender and recipient. To add an extra layer of security, all messages are then archived in the communication history between you and your match. We take complaints really seriously, so if you feel that someone may’ve been inappropriate towards you in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Customer Care team.

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Selecting a snap

We’re pretty confident that EliteSingles Magazine is the go-to source for some of the most up-to-date and expert dating advice the web has to offer. We take your search for love seriously and offer a proactive approach to dating that takes your needs into full consideration – we feel that a big part of this is making sure you’ve got access to authoritative guidance when you need it.

Along with information on how to put together a winning dating profile, we’ve got some tips on how to choose the best photos to display and a guide on how to upload your photos. Given that you can upload a maximum of 24 photos onto your profile, it’s important to make sure they’re the right ones! For example, you want to make sure that the images are of a good quality, the right size and not pixelated.

Also, make sure that the pictures you decide on don’t breach our criteria for things that must be avoided; anything of an explicit or offensive nature will be taken down. If you’re in any doubt, please read our guidelines in full here.

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